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Welcome to FourPoints Poodles!
"Fabulous Poodles for Fabulous People"


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About 15 years ago I discovered what wonderful, smart dogs Poodles are. My love of the poodle grew into "FourPoints Poodles". Toy Poodles are all that we raise.

This is our white Champion "Sneaker", he's a 4 lb. sweetie! He's producing tiny little puppies just like himself.

My interest is in providing top quality healthy poodles for pets, with the looks that could win a show! Thankfully, my 4 kids are also animal lovers. They help with socializing the puppies. What better job could a child ask for!

Champion Alex Pictured on the left is our Silver Champion "Highlands Blessing of Windamer". Call name "Alex".

We are located in Southwestern Ohio. If you are in the area, please stop and visit with us. If that's not possible, shipping is available.

If you are looking for an intelligent, loving, pet poodle, please check our available puppies pages. All pet puppies are sold on AKC ltd. registration. We raise Toy, Tiny Toy, and teacup poodles in most colors. Weights range from 3 lb. to 9 lb. (They are all registered by AKC as "Toy" Poodles)

We strive to produce the best and healthiest poodles possible. I work closely with my Veterinarian to eliminate any possible problems from my lines, and it goes without saying that they receive the best of care. We are currently in the process of having all adults tested by Optigen for prcd PRA (eyes ). I will be posting results as they come available.

Please check out the "pictures page" to see some of the unique colors poodles come in. Although most all of our poodles are solid colors, you'll be amazed at the variety they come in. If you are looking for a color I don't have, e-mail me, I may know of someone who does have them :-)

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. I love to chat about Poodles!

If you notice any problems with the site, Please send me an e-mail!

Thank You,

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  • Upcoming Litters click to see the pups when born, due date -(expected color)
  • Little Sister & Ringo.................11-7-14 (apricot, silver, cream)
  • Jewely & Chapter..................... 11-27-14 ( 2 black females, 1 red male)

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Bonita Bayless
Wilmington, Oh 45177